Finding The Best Auto Insurance Comparing EverQuote And Policygenius

Jun 29, 2023

Buying an auto insurance policy can be a huge hassle. However, having one can help you cover repairs after an accident. Many companies offer premium insurance policies but finding the right one that is affordable and offers all the benefits you are looking for can be challenging.  

So, what’s the solution? 

Two of the top leading online marketplaces for finding insurance policies in the US are EverQuote and Policygenius. They offer a one-stop shop where you can find the best insurance providers and compare quotes. Let’s take a look at how their auto insurance policy differs.  



Founded in 2011, EverQuote is an online platform that allows visitors to compare quotes from different insurance providers. The website mainly offers a directory of auto insurance providers but also provides home, disability, life, and renter insurance. 



Founded in 2012, Policygenius is an online platform that allows visitors to compare quotes from different insurance providers. The website mainly offers a directory of life insurance companies but also provides home, renter’s, life, health, and commercial insurance providers, along with other services. 


How EverQuote Works 

The process of finding an auto insurance provider through EverQuote is simple. First, you need to construct your profile. The website will assess your information and offer a list of insurance providers with whom you can connect easily.  

The only drawback is that once you contact an individual agent, you will have to provide all your details again. Moreover, the website asks several questions, which are time-consuming and disliked by customers.  


How Policygenius Works 

Finding an auto insurance provider through Policygenius is somewhat the same as EverQuote. However, Policygenius does not ask many in-depth questions and directly connects you with an insurance agent to complete the transaction.  

While Policygenius also requires you to reenter your information on the website you are directed to, its simple process and valuable quotes make up for this. Now let’s explore the pros and cons of each insurance marketplace.  


EverQuote Pros 

  • Entering information on the website is simple.  
  • The website has an easy-to-use and attractive layout. 
  • The website is free to use. 
  • The website offers a wide variety of coverage options in insurance policies. 

EverQuote Cons 

  • The website has a poor BBB rating: B. 
  • The website has poor customer reviews: 1.06/5. 
  • You have to enter the information again on the website you are directed to. 


Policygenius Pros 

  • The website has a wide variety of different insurance policies. 
  • The website has good reviews: B+ rating. 
  • The website has good customer reviews: 4.67/5. 
  • The website is free to use. 
  • The website offers you the option to talk to licensed advisers. 

Policygenius Cons 

  • The website does not provide quotes immediately. 


In conclusion, EverQuote and Policygenius offer somewhat the same services. Based on their BBB rating, Policygenius is a much better platform as it quickly answers customer queries.  

In contrast, EverQuote has received multiple complaints regarding receiving fewer quote options, a problem they have yet to resolve. EverQuote is an excellent platform for beginner auto insurance buyers, and Policygenius offers you multiple options for your unique circumstances and packages for new cars. 

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